Want to make training easy and accessible? Try online coaching!

Do you want to introduce your horse to positive reinforcement?
Or do you need help with refining already existing behaviours? 

In my teaching I focus on relaxation and motivation. A creative horse that wants to work with his trainer. It is up to us to set the horse up for success! 


Are you curious about working with positive reinforcement? 
Wondering how to bring treats in to your horsetraining in a safe and calm way?
I can help you introduce your horse and give you a foundation to build more complex behaviour on. Learn about how fun shaping is for both you and your horse. 


Learn about more advanced shaping techniques and how to apply them in your own training. 

I can help you create trainingplans, setting goals and assist you in forming a structure for your training sessions.


I have a huge interest in classical dressage and Academic Art of Riding. If you need help with improving your bodylanguage or timing of the aids I am happy to help. 

If you need an introduction to the basics and learn more about how you can work in different ways from the ground just ket me know and we set up a training plan!
Lungeing, academic groundwork, work on a long- or shortrein is all different and fun ways of riding from the ground and does a lot with helping both you and your horse develop a higher sense of bodyawareness!