Canis (Clicker Instructor) 2019-2020
Joined this education as an AUDITOR! 

-Connection Training Coach, 2018

-Squiretest, Member 199 of the Knighthood of Academic Art of Riding, 2018

-Connection Training, Qualifing Instructor Program

-International Educational Program, Hanna Engström, Ekeskogs Riding Academy

Groundworktest, Academic Art of Riding

Ethology 15 hp, Linneuniversitetet, Uppsala Universitet

Rewardbased educational-year, online education  Carolina Thyselius-Fransson


Rewardbased Horsetraining Training (training group) Carolina Thyselius-Fransson
2013- ongoing

Longreining for horsetrainer -OHRs regi


Traingdays for licenced trainers,  Integrerad Ridkonst


Longreining, Training Group for Piet Bakker



Hooftrimming according to SANCHP, 4 days


Certified Riding Instructor in the Integrated Art of Riding
Diplomerad  Ridlärare  Integrerad Ridkonst


Saddlefitter, via EquiCare. 


TeraMaiScheichem course, healing by Hästmassage och Djurkontakt


Agricultural Science, SLU                        

Sport Horse Care and Grooming , 1 term, Strömsholm           

Diplomerad Hästskötare, Hästnäringens Yrkesnämnd, HYN                       

High School, horsecare, riding and horsedrivning , 1 term Nytorp  -1999

Hoof form orientation, 10 days, Wången                     

ABOUT ANGELICA                                                                                                                                                  

Horses and horsetraining are my greatest passions. In my own riding I focus on balance! Emotional and physical balance creates lightness. Both from a horse and a riders individual point of view, but more important, as a unit. Riding and horsetraining should be fun! For both of us!  A pursuit of balance and equilibrium in both horse and human. 

In the begining of my education I wanted to study hippology and become a more traditional horsetrainer. That changed 2001, when I started training Academic Art of Riding thaught by Katrin Wallberg. For some years I explored this with my islandic horse Kolskeggur. This in turn led me to find Christina Drangel from Drangelska Ridinstitutet. Christina has developed my feeling and structure and has given me many different tools to work with. I attended her education in the Integrated Art of Riding between 2008-2011. Integrated Art of Riding originate from the principles of classical dressage, TTEAM and Feldenkrais and the goal is that all training should add value for the horse. 

Around this time I also came in contact with longreining work and for 2 years I was a part of a training group led by the fantastic dutch trainer Piet Bakker. Some of us from that group continued educating ourselfs togheter, focusing instead of teaching others about longreining.

For me, it is my horse Koppar who is the one who showed me the way to new education. He was the one who made me start training reward based in 2012. This with much help and guidance from  Carolina Thyselius- Fransson. This changed both my life and the life of my horses a lot and probably is the most important thing to happen in my horselife. It has not been an easy cross over to R+ training, but very educational. To learn more and to be able to educate others I have also studied with Carolina in her online education. Back then, a year long distance education that really improved my structure and set up, working towards a more pedagocial way to explain to both horses and humans.

Since I did not want to loose contact with my roots in the art of riding, I also arranged a 2 year long education in the Academic Art of Riding with  Hanna Engström as instructor. Hanna has developed my eye for small details and a focus on how much change small things can bring to the larger picture. Hanna also made me more aware of both my own and my horses body.

2017 I attended an online education in rewardbased horsetraining with the amazing people at Connection Training. Learned so much from different types of horstrainer from all over the world. I am know, among some fine group of people, a Connection Training Coach

Here in Sweden I am a part of OHR+ utbildning. An organisation in Sweden with the aim to spread positive reinforcement as a trainingmethod and to provide support, motivation and information for horsepeople looking for different ways to train and socialize with their horses.