Take a video (ca 15 min) of your training or of a behavior you want me to look at. Upload the video to YouTube as unlisted (unlisted means only persons given the link can watch the video). Send me the link at least 1 day ahead of our call. This is so that have time to analyze your videos and prepare our discussion. You can send me the link either via email or my Facebook business page. Or if you prefer to put material on Dropbox, iCloud etc and share acsess with me.

When it is time for our call I invite you to my Zoom Meeting.
HERE you´ll find a guide if you are new to Zoom, its very user friendly. And also helps me if I want to show you videoexampels or pictures to further explain excerices, bodypositions etc.

If your WiFi isn´t that stable it is also possible to chat during your booked coaching call.  (for ex on Facebook messenger). Some even find this more helpful, but it is up to you. If you have other ways that suits you better, let me know.

You book and pay the call via Acuity Scheduling. See link to the right. There you´ll find different alternatives of coaching and can see my calender. If you are in a different timezone than me, Acuity will match them. If we are new to one another you can also try me for free.

I have packages and single-lessons availiable. If you have questions about the setup, write me an email and we look into what suits you.

Since Angelica started working with me and my horse things have changed so much for the better, so I’m very grateful. We still have many things to work on but I feel that my horse is becoming a more calm and safe horse. Instead of fleeing from me, he chooses to stay with me, even though he’s scared. I also think and hope that I am becoming a better horse trainer than before.

 Sara & Moe, Sweden

Angelica is enthusiastic and creative. It turned out we were following pretty much the same path in terms of training methodologies so we had a lot in common. This meant she was able to use my existing skills to help me achieve my goals. Our Skype calls were fun, creative and encouraging. I thought Angelica was very professional and I loved her ability to “think outside the box”. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and the distance between us didn’t matter at all as we could use video and skype for our lessons. Would I recommend Angelica as a coach? Yes, without hesitation.

Liz and KC, UK